Project Management

With our wide range of experiences we will act on behalf of the Clients as the Lead Consultant and have full authority to receive and issue applications, consents, instructions, notices, requests, and statements under the Conditions of Contract.

Provide on-site project management, performing regular progress checks – keeping your project on-track and reporting progress back to you.

Manage tendering and contract appointments to ensure you employ a quality workforce for your build.

We will manage the project and check that the scheme is delivered in accordance with our Employer’s Requirements, on time and within budget.

Monitor on-site Health and Safety whilst ensuring quality and attention to detail is meticulously maintained.

We know it is not just building projects, but investments.

We are  Project Managers, Contract Administrators and Employer’s Agent combined

We are problem solvers and solution finders.

Contact us and experience the highest levels of customer satisfaction in all that we do.

Why Choose Elgabuild ?

We provide all the design inspiration, support services, warranties, and technical expertise you need. And our advanced technology will ensure the success of your commercial construction project!