Cold Formed Steel construction system provides the ultimate solution to all type of construction

Cold formed steel systems are incredibly versatile – ideal for large-scale commercial, military or industrial projects and low or mid-rise residential applications. As components can be quickly and accurately replicated, it’s also the logical choice for institutions such as hospitals and schools and any building where access is restricted or logistically difficult.
Residential building and social housing. From single level homes to multi storey midrise buildings and apartment developments.
  • Commercial & industrial buildings (i.e. Temporary buildings, Accommodation, Hotels, Offices, Storage)
  • Institutional buildings (i.e. Schools and medical clinics, etc..).
  • Modular & Offsite modular construction. The best solution is one that is lightweight portable buildings, durable barracks or cabins, and quickly assembled.
  • Multi storied steel frame construction as curtain walling, secondary steel and internal partitions.
  • Reinforced concrete frame buildings and curtain walling, internal partitions, both load
    bearing and non-load bearing.
  • Light weight construction (i.e. paint house and vertical extension on top of existing building).
  • Complete solution for Side extension and loft conversions.
  • All shapes of stairs.
  • All lightweight and fast building (i.e. shed, annex and all kind of garden construction).
  • Long span joists with minimum depth.
  • Roofing trusses.
  • Cladding rainscreen supporting steel system.